Raising Chickens Sustainably

After 50 years of raising poultry, it's time to share it with you and the world.


In-pErson WOrkshops (Northern California)

Taught by Papa John, the workshop includes everything families need to know to raise chicks and maintain laying hens in their Back Yard.

Not local? Chicken workshop Is available for download

If you live outside of Northern California, in other states, or international, the chicken workshop, and related documents are available for download.

Why The Kiefer Sustainable Coop?

No Odor. No Cleaning.
My design is unique in that there is no poop odor and no coop cleaning. My concept is 100% natural, and mimics the living environment of fowl in the wild.


Interested in Raising Rabbits or Pigeons?


Hire Papa John 

Papa John is available for private consultations and workshops.