The Kiefer Sustainable Coop


“If you’re going to raise chickens, do it in a SUSTAINABLE way”.

Many families are now ‘Keeping Chickens’, and realizing the gift of having a few hens in the backyard. Fresh, healthy eggs, Wow! A Sustainable Coop is important in providing a long term healthy living environment.

The Kiefer Sustainable Coop is unique because there is no poop odor and no coop cleaning. It is Papa John’s design that incorporates natural world concepts and principles, that mimic the living environment of fowl in the wild.

To provide a  'sustainable living environment' for your chickens, three documents are needed:

  • Chicken Workshop - Either attend the workshop or download.

  • Principles and Characteristics of the Sustainable Coop, and

  • Construction Plans.

The materials available thru this website are not available on the retail market, nor anywhere else. Patent applications are in process.


Read the development story of Papa’s John’s Sustainable Coop here.

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20 years in service and aging beautifully.

What’s in it for hens living in the Kiefer Sustainable Coop?

– Provides a long term, healthy living environment

– Offers dry ground with ‘soft soil’ for scratching & bathing

– Gives hens space to exercise and a place off the ground for sleeping

– Provides 360 degrees of fresh air circulation

– Gives protection from wind & rain

– Ensures safety from predators and rodents

– Provides a healthy place to eat commercial food & local fresh greens


What’s in it for your family?

– No smell

– No cleaning

– No crowing (Roosters not welcome, nor needed for eggs)

- Organic , fresh eggs

- Healthy hens

– Children’s pleasure- Feeding, gathering eggs, holding pets

– Reconnection with natural life cycle

– Hens remain healthy in the coop for extended periods of time


Constructing the Kiefer Sustainable Coop

The standard size of a Kiefer Sustainable coop is 6' x 8', and houses 6-8 hens.

Three documents are available for download to assist in constructing the coop:

  1. Construction Plans.
    This document provides professional construction plans, plus a detailed explanation and sequence for constructing the coop. Documents 1 and 2 are both required to build the coop, and can not be purchased separately.

  2. Principles and Characteristics of Kiefer Sustainable Coop.
    The word 'sustainable' is defined as 'providing a long term healthy living environment.' In this case, a way of living for chickens. If you are going to build a 'sustainable' coop, it is important that you understand the principles and characteristics, as explained in this document.

  3. Introduction to Coop Construction.
    Presents a quick, visual, step by step overview of coop construction. Points to the relative simplicity of design, while incorporating all essential concepts for sustainability. This is helpful in deciding if you want to build this coop, and if you wish to build it yourself or hire a builder.


All proceeds will be donated to Sustainable Projects.

  • Principles and Characteristics and Construction Plans $25

  • Introduction to Coop Construction $15

You may also purchase the 'Total Package':                        $50
Includes the two documents above, plus the
Chicken Workshop ($25) and a Q&A with Papa John. 
(Savings of $15.)

Cost of Building materials

For a standard 6' x 8' coop, the estimated cost will be $600-800 (California, 2017).

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 5.43.54 PM.jpg

Two recently constructed Kiefer Sustainable Coops.



Dear Papa John, thanks for providing me with the straight poop on raising hens! I am already thinking of the alteration I need to make in the old playhouse. Your ability to provide so much information in a concise and enjoyable way makes a terrific educator. I am ready to tear out the floor of the playhouse to make it a Sustainable coop.
— John Jung